Quarantine Confessionals: That One Time Everything Closed

Quarantine Day 56:

Well, it’s been an interesting quarantine. I hate to admit it, but if I am being truthful, this was a sort of good time for my family. When everything closed:

My Life Slowed DOWN.

I Cooked at Home Daily

I hung out with my kids AND hubby all day, everyday (That was a mixed blessing, btw. Another blog, another time.)

I saw ALL my Coworkers every morning, five days a week (which is a non-existent thing during a typical school week.)

I learned more about Digital Resources and teaching in a VERY short amount of time.

I caught up on my sleep

I felt busier than I do on a typical school day … just not as physically tired.

I sat outside daily.

My daughter learned to ride a bike.

My son realized that he’s an EXTRA-extravert and doesn’t do well not seeing his peers ……

My dogs got more love!

I went on multiple HIKES. (Yes, re-read that sentence.)

My husband didn’t have one headache working at home … which was a bit on the miraculous side since he has them regularly.

I even cleaned out my daughter’s bedroom. I guess it takes a pandemic to bring me to these extreme measures … and it leads to pictures like this:

But there are some hardships — though nothing like others are facing who are out of work or SICK.

My “hardships” are more like minor inconveniences:

The mental exhaustion is a real thing. My brain is hurting. So many ideas, ways to approach teaching online, ways to do things digitally.

The days do bleed into the nights. What day is it?

I miss shopping in stores for fun.

I miss hugging my friends and seeing my students.

I miss driving in the car.

I miss not worrying about what will happen next.

Keeping my kids on track with their school work is definitely a THING.

Keeping up with grocery shopping, finding Clorox wipes and toilet paper … THINGS.

Not gaining 10 pounds … a thing.


What is/was life like for you during the quarantine?







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